This is the first full museum show that Shaoyu Su and I have curated, including concept, titling, artist choice and installation management. Incredible line up. Great space. Psyched.

08.12 through 10.14.2018

Xcelerator harnesses the field of ‘New Media Art’ to simulate the explosive creation of worlds following the Big Bang. High energy particle physics, and the massively powerful machines made for this science, serve as metaphors. The Museum has been converted into a dynamic arena where 10 works, by ten different artists and artist collectives, collide with each other. Artists and scientists have long been world builders, accelerating cultural evolution. Here, the audience plays the role of protons in motion, charging the museum space to amplify the relational perception of the art. 

Xcelerator is a newly conceived exhibition-experiment, an on-going ‘research project’ that combines and energizes the museum, curators, artists and their audience in new ways. Xcelerator is iterative and dynamic. Every component provides a vital contribution to the whole. Each question answered leads to new questions, each experience begets the next.