OSA EARS is a project designed to provide real time 3D sound and a cloud of species and climate change data from one of our planet’s most bio-diverse rain forests to anyone anywhere in the world with internet. A networked array of microphones, web cams and sensor banks will expand over time to cover OSA Conservation’s entire 5000 acre wildlife corridor, from ground level to canopy top.   

Located on Costa Rica’s Osa peninsula OSA EARS will create a broad based platform for researchers interested in habitat protection, soundscape ecology, remote sensing and bird song. It will serve as a home base for cutting edge field work, offering an opportunity to develop and adapt surveillance and sensor technologies for interdisciplinary wildlife monitoring and protection.   

The web site will serve as a platform for user interface innovation, providing incredible educational possibilities for classrooms worldwide, with streaming audio and the latest in species identification sonograms. Additional features will include multi-sensor and video feeds, a user’s forum, and an alarm clock function. Imagine waking up to the real time sounds of scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, wild cats and insect poly-rhythms.   

The OSA EARS project is hosted by OSA Conservation, a widely respected non profit NGO engaged in a mission to conserve globally-significant biodiversity for future generations. This location is exceptional on all levels, with vast bio-diversity, stable and supportive government, low human encroachment and high speed WiFi provided by a communications tower recently installed for Coast Guard monitoring.