This far reaching lecture will travel frominterdisciplinary artist Charles Lindsay’s early work as an exploration geologist and photojournalist, through his discovery of the CARBON imaging process, which led to his position as the SETI Institute’s first artist in residence. [SETI = Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence] Lindsay’s art embraces technology to explore concepts about deep time and human perception. From the Stone Age to NASA Ames, culminating in the current collaborative relationship between Lindsay and SU Shaoyu, this talk will deliver broad spectrum information and a sneak look at the interactive “CLOUD” sculpture which Lindsay and SU are developing for the first Shenzhen Biennale, opening May, 2018. Lindsay and SU debuted their first collaborative work “Wind Tunnel: the Hongshan Experiment” in the Today Art Museum “.zip” show, Summer, 2017. SU Shaoyu will join Lindsay on stage to share their mutual interests in science fiction, archeological time, future ecosystems, and augmented reality.