Beijing. July, 2017. In the home stretch to realize WIND TUNNEL: the Hongshan Experiment, at the Today Art Museum in the FUTURE.ZIP show. This is a collaborative installation made with Shaoyu Su, integrating our shared interests in deep time, ancient history, far futures and the phenomena of technology. Seven industrial fans will choreograph wind as a medium for commentary on what is invisible: a metaphor for the flow of ideas, data, and time itself. This show will also contain the Future Human, a sculptural work derived from one of my “CARBON” process negatives, which Shaoyu has transformed into both ambiguous topography and future artifact. The FIELD STATION installation debuted at MassMoCA in 2016/2017 and continues to morph as it heads for the Akron Museum of Art, opening late September. OSA EARS and it's large scale sound installation ECOTONE are in development with major partnerships. More news coming very soon.