2016 was a pivotal year. CARBON was published by Minor Matters. Many new works were shown for the first time. The FIELD STATION installation at MassMoCA contains the Rocket Brain,  Crab Cage, Code Humpback, Sloths Dividing, Brain Coral / Deep Time Video Extraction Device, EMO aluminum worksand the Light Table on which rests Fukking with Nature (Douglas Fir Sap) plus a proto-type cloud computer, a golden horseshoe crab resuscitator, 24 karat golden beer cans, Israeli military laser optics, syringes, loose screws, flotsam, an invitational beer coaster and miniature humans. Works from MINING the MOON appeared in the Sun Valley Center for the Arts' CRATERS OF THE MOON show, including the Portable Wormhole Generator, the Deep Time Audio Extractor, and a seventeen foot composite photograph. Those are now at NUMU Los Gatos in the inaugural SETI AIR program group show MAKING CONTACT. The Des Moines Art Center is hosting other new works in the ALCHEMY show. For 2017 OSA EARS and it's large scale sound installation ECOTONE are being developed with major partnerships. And then there's Beijing, coming shows and more. More news on all this very soon.