FIELD STATION is a mobile research environment - an architectural hybrid based on mineral exploration camps where I worked in the arctic, on laboratories at NASA Ames, and on make shift studios constructed in remote environments. These fragile equipment 'isopod' cases survived Gulf War adventures to be re-purposed for art made in response to the dawning anthropocene and climate change, to mass extinctions and mass migrations, to the idea of humans evolving in conjunction with increasingly intelligent technology, and to leaving Earth. Conceptually, what stays and what goes? Art?  The FIELD STATION morphs as it travels, merging inquiries into inter-species communication, music, memory and Ai. I’m targeting species level considerations for a post Earth humanity, with a conscious nod to the absurdity of humans acting as recklessly as we do on this pale blue dot in the middle of cosmic nowhere. Machines appear sentient, Horseshoe Crabs gossip, Humpback Whales sing - somewhere a Jester wears snake boots. 

MASS MoCA hosted the first iteration of the Field Station as part of "Explode Every Day: an Inquiry into the Phenomena of Wonder." Curated by Denise Markonish. The next iteration of the FIELD STATION, containing all new work, is now live at The Des Moines Center for the Arts in the show "ALCHEMY: Transformations in Gold."  Thru May 7, 2017.