MINING THE MOON began with research into off Earth habitation, which lead to questions about who we want to be - at species level - when we head out into space. First stop is the Moon, then Mars, then who knows. What will we take with us and what will we leave behind? What philosophy and dogma, what vices, what weapons, what Art?  While visiting NASA Ames' Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project it became apparent that very real plans are afoot to mine the moon. High resolution images from Apollo era missions aid planning for infrastructure. I’ve also been exploring at Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho, intrigued by it's lava tubes and lichen, other worldly atmosphere, and nuclear research neighbors (INL.) This work debuted at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts in conjunction with the National Parks’ 100th anniversary. Artworks include the Deep Time Audio Extraction Device, a Portable Wormhole Generator, and a seventeen foot composite photograph from wind visualization research in the Devil's Orchard at Craters of the Moon. Five new photographic collages from the "23 Lunar Alternatives" photo-collage joined the mix at NUMU, in the SETI AIR "Making Contact" group show.