CARBON merges the aesthetics of space exploration and scientific imaging with the interpretation of abstract symbols. Iā€™m interested in extremophiles, the origins of life on earth, and what forms sentience might assume elsewhere in the universe. Would we recognize it hovering in front of us? What began with a camera-less method I discovered while experimenting with photograms, and drawing, has grown into immersive environments including large stills, video, multi-point sound and inter-active sculptures. Fifteen years after it's inception CARBON is now available in book form. Thank you to publisher Michelle Dunn Marsh, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, Jill Tarter and the SETI Institute, Lyle Rexer, Chris Allan at Bridge Photographic, Peter Raymond / Human Condition, and all the collaborators and supporters who encouraged the process. I'm about to produce an edition of small prints. The larger photographs, one of a kind steel books, and videos are available now in very small editions. Book available here from